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von Mindeye am 25.09.12 um 11:53
Antwort auf: Interview mit Jon Hare von Mindeye

>Kann mir deswegen nicht vorstellen, dass zB Sex'n'Drugs'n'Rock'n'Roll keinen Platz im Buch bekommt. Man könnte natürlich auch mal nachfragen. Was ich gerade getan habe.

Darren Wall says:

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for getting in touch. I'm actually keen to steer the book away from the things we already know and to focus on the aspects you describe. The book will tell the story of the games that never made it (Sex 'n' Drugs / Have a Nice Day) and why the company chose to call it a day. The mission is to tell the whole story, warts and all and not simply produce a book that says 'weren't we great?'. Honesty was always a big part of early games journalism so we're keen to stick to these principles in our books.

I have Jon's plans for Sex 'n' Drugs here - the whole thing was completely scripted from beginning to end, so we'll be sure to work that into the book.

Thanks for the kind words! Hope this helps explain a little more about how the book is going to turn out.

Many thanks,


Klingt doch gut.

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