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von Matze am 17.09.13 um 15:53
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>Glaube ich nicht mal... dafür ist er nicht der Typ.

Hier die Erklärung der Autorin:

Why does Walt reveal that he let Jane die?

Walley-Beckett: It’s a prolonged death sentence for Jesse. Walt gave the nod for them to shoot him in the head and it would have been the end of it. That’s pretty powerful in and of itself. Jesse is no longer family. But he gets a short stay of execution because Todd makes a very good point, and so basically it’s clear Jesse’s gonna go and have an excruciating last day or two before he’s killed, and Walt is twisting the knife. It’s the last thing he can say or do to kill Jesse himself without actually physically killing him.

Hey, ich habe mal was richtig verstanden :-).

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