von Pascal Parvex am 26.02.14 um 16:46
Antwort auf: Der Witze Thread 1 von Pascal Parvex

Heute waren zwei gute dabei:

A marketer cornered me at the mall and asked, "Which shaving cream do you use?" "Baba's." He recorded my answer and asked, "Which aftershave do you use?" "Baba's." "Which deodorant do you use?" "Baba's." "Which toothpaste?" "Baba's." "Shampoo?" "Baba's." "Soap?" "Baba's." "Thank you. But what is Baba's? A foreign company?" "No, Baba's my roommate!"

I got in an elevator with a busty woman. As I stared at her boobs, she said, "Can you please press one?" So I did. After that, I don't remember much.

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