Zano-Macher sind pleite
von ChRoM am 18.11.15 um 19:36
Antwort auf: Der Kickstarter Thread von Sven

3,3 Millionen Euro versenkt. Auch eine Leistung. Ich bin mit 250 Euro dabei. Ärgerlich.

Hier noch das offizielle nicht sehr erhellende Statement:

Dear Backers,

Following recent events, the board members have considered carefully the technical, commercial and financial viability of the Zano project.

Having explored all options known to us, and after seeking professional advice, we have made the difficult decision to pursue a creditors voluntary liquidation. All creditors will be contacted by an insolvency practitioner next week.

We are greatly disappointed with the outcome of the Zano project and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us during this difficult period, especially our loyal employees whose commitment has exceeded all expectations.

Thank you,

Torquing Management

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