Enter the Gungeon
von Mindeye am 05.04.16 um 14:47
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I’m not going to confess to you just how bad I am at Enter The Gungeon. But I think it’s testament to the superbly high quality of its construction that I’m not tiring of trying. This is the genre done right, although with an upbeat, uncruel approach that feels atmospherically more reminiscent of Rogue Legacy than, say, Nuclear Throne. It’s very silly in presentation, but very serious in pixel-perfect controls. Goodness knows if it’s good deeper in, but I’m having a brilliant time not finding out.

Bin ich noch ein Stück heißer drauf als auf QB.


edit: Bei Nuuvem oder https://playfield.io/enter-the-gungeon günstig und nach drei Stunden kann ich's wärmsten empfehlen, fast so gut wie Nuclear Throne.

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